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A Level Biology Field Trip

On Sunday 28 June, the Lower Sixth A Level biologists, accompanied by Mrs Smith, Mrs Mason and Dr Flaherty, headed to the Slapton Ley Field Studies Centre in Slapton, Devon.

'After an easy four and a half hour drive we stumbled out of the minibus into the not so bright sunshine but were pleasantly surprised to find the picturesque location that was to be our home for the next few days. The purpose of the trip was to cover some of the Ecology topic and to practise field studies skills. Without further ado the group set off into a nearby woods to study some fresh water Ecology, looking at how different species of invertebrates were present in different parts of a stream. The group learnt about the importance of biotic and abiotic factors whilst also considering the difference between precision and accuracy. 

After a long day it was soon time for bed and a race to be the first to sleep. After a well earned rest and a full English breakfast, on Monday morning we set off in the sun to the beach where the day was spent studying plant succession. Despite having to wear some very ‘attractive’ high vis jackets and a few scratches and stings it was a very fun and productive day. After a few hours the group headed back to the Field Studies Centre via a stunning nature reserve; with lots of data, full of ice cream and (for some of us) sunburnt. After an evening session of statistics the group enjoyed a game of table tennis in the games room before heading off for another early night.

Day three and the morning of our departure, we studied rocky shore ecology. Despite the difficultly of walking across incredibly slippery seaweed and having to bound gazelle like over rock pools, this was a day that was thoroughly enjoyed by all and culminated in more ice creams and crab racing. From here it was sadly back onto the bus and a quick wave to Chloe, our tutor (who had just been thoroughly excellent throughout), before heading back to School. All in all a very enjoyable and successful trip!'

Mrs Smith, Head of Biology









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