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First Form Treasure Hunt

As the culmination of their year, First Form undertook a treasure hunt as part of the WIT programme.

Having to collect a variety of photos and physical objects all assigned different points scores, each form had to try and get the highest points possible. How to assign members of their team and which to prioritise were entirely up to the tutor group themselves. Much of it needed organisation, teamwork and a strong knowledge of Cokethorpe School.

With only 33 minutes to gain as many points as possible, it was a spectacularly close run thing, but in the end the scores were as follows:

6th - Queen Anne - 416
5th - Swift - 421
4th - Feilden - 559
3rd - Vanbrugh - 585
2nd - Gascoigne - 594
1st - Harcourt - 599

Thank go to all the tutors for supervision and the swift collation of scores, to Mrs Pratley for coordinating, and the whole of Senior School for putting up with some very excitable First Form pupils for an hour!

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