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Year 5 Residential Trip to Dorset

'It was a damp morning on the Thursday 7 May 2015, as Year 5 climbed aboard the Cokethorpe minibus and began the long journey to Leeson House in Dorset. We devoured many sweets on the way! Everyone was restless as we entered the game hall and met our friendly instructor, Matt. 

Then we went to the classrooms and learnt about discordant coastlines (posh word!) as well as the history of the Jurassic coast of Dorset. We then left for a hike to Old Harry Rocks, which was a PAGM (Personally Awesome Geographical Moment). We made a quick sketch before we headed back. To our great excitement, after a fire drill, we were let into our dormitories and discovered who were sharing a room with. We had a difficult but fun time attempting to make out beds, then, to our delight we had filling dinner of sausages and beans with a muffin for dessert. Soon after we had a belly warming mug of hot chocolate and herded ourselves up for a fun filled night walk.

On our night walk we went out to Dancing Ledge, about a mile from Leeson House. The white bottomed deer listened to the adventure packed stories with great interest. The smuggler stories really brought to life the history of where we were. It was fascinating to learn that during World War 2 Leeson House was used by scientists to develop the use of radar and that if not for the bravery of two young men, they would not have succeeded.

We woke up to a hearty breakfast with a room inspection at 8.10am. We then set off in the minibuses to venture along the Dorset coast. At precisely 10am we arrived at Studland Bay and hiked around the rocky coastal path before stopping for a spot of lunch, then  adventuring up a large hill to Durdle Door.

As we came over the brow of the hill we all had another PAGM. The geographical features we could see in the crumbling cliff were stunning. After an hour of trying to skim stones into the sea, we trudged back over the hill in search of some local ice-cream, with many different tropical flavours.

Once everyone had licked their ice-creams clean we headed back to Leeson House to spend our final evening talking about everything we had learnt and buying a few souvenirs from the gift shop. After a good nights sleep we prepared for the long journey home.' 

Maddie Abbs-Woodd (Lockwood), Ben Orton (Lockwood), Jamie Wehrle (Symonds) and Maddie Flaherty (Lockwood) 









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