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Pre-Prep Shark Attack

Reception Class and Year 1 had a visit from ‘Sam the Shark Man’ who came into School to share his experiences about diving with different sharks.

Sam Griffin, travelled from Cambridge to see the children for the afternoon. He talked about when he went diving with Great White Sharks in South Africa last month and showed photos of him with them, some of them even had their own names.

Sam taught the children all about the different food sharks eat and the size of each commonly known shark. He wanted everyone to go away having learned about sharks in a positive way, because sharks are actually very intellectual animals and are quite fussy about what they eat. Apart from the Bull Shark, who eats everything from cushions to plastic bags!

Sam brought in his scuba gear and explained what each part was for and where he would use it. The Reception Class were fortunate enough to try on his scuba gear. This was very exciting!

The Reception Class wrote letters which they sent to Sam to thank him for his visit.









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