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Lessons From Auschwitz

‘Sam Moffatt and I (Lower Sixth, Harcourt) both applied for the Lessons From Auschwitz Project in the hope of visiting a concentration camp and better understanding the holocaust. The project started with a seminar in London, where we heard the harrowing testimony of Ziggy Shipper, a Jew who had stayed in Auschwitz for a short time.

The day in Poland began with a visit to a Jewish cemetery in the town of Oswiecim, and then to Auschwitz I. Visiting Auschwitz II Birkenau allowed us to put Ziggy’s testimony into context, as we could see right in front of us what had happened. It was the little things which were the most shocking, such as the shoes belonging to a child in the museum, or taking the walk from the train tracks to the gas chambers at Birkenau which was the last walk taken by hundreds of thousands of Jews as they were marched to their death. It was a day with so much to take in, and a day which will stay with us forever.’

Ed Rick (Lower Sixth, Harcourt)
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