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The Ugly Animal Roadshow

On Thursday 5 March Cokethorpe hosted The Ugly Animal Roadshow as part of the Oxfordshire Science Festival.

‘The audience of the show was made up of the public, Cokethorpe parents, pupils and scouts who were all captivated by the mix of humour, interesting facts and horror at the ugly animals that the Earth has to offer!

Simon Watt, the President for Life of The Ugly Animal’s Preservation Society was witty, funny and great at engaging all ages. He used games and humour to introduce key evolutionary concepts and environmental issues, he really brought the topics to life.

I was amazed to find out that there is a species of lizard that shoots blood from its eyes for self-defense and a type of worm that shoots snot to catch its prey. I think every person was disappointed when they didn’t get chosen to dress up as one of these animals and spray silly string to mimic the blood and snot shooting! My favourite animal was the slug ‘who gets so scared its bum drops off’ so it can escape whilst its chaser stops to eat it. I can’t believe I learnt so much and had so much fun at the same time.’


Libby Flaherty (First Form, Harcourt)



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