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The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

‘This year’s Lent Term Production was a musical adaptation of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. Performed in The Shed by a cast of 61 Cokethorpe pupils, it was definitely a night of good fun. This epic novel revolves around the adventures of four evacuee children who discover Narnia, a magical world inside a wardrobe. Entering Narnia, they join forces with many mystical beings and stand up to the oppressive regime of the White Witch who has frozen the land with her enchantments.

The Drama Department paid homage to the exciting plot with some excellent performances from pupils ranging from the First Form to the Upper Sixth. Although I thoroughly enjoyed all of the performance, there were some scenes that really stood out for me. The play built up tension to when a certain lion is killed (sorry for the spoiler!) I was on the edge of my seat as the scene came it its climax with people screaming and lights strobing as the knife went in. Then silence. A beautifully directed scene followed with superb choreography from the pixies; they breezed across the stage as one force and acted as wonderful background dancers throughout the whole play. Fredi Traish (Third Form, Swift) brought an air of humour to the drama as Edmund. A mention should also go to Ella Dalton (Second Form, Swift) who threw everything she had into a very convincing and complex performance as Lucy. 

Having seen many Cokethorpe plays over my six years of being at the School I have witnessed Mrs Mace create the most amazing costumes and have always admired how they have been complemented and supported by the extravagant set designs created by the Art and Maintenance Departments. The costumes and make-up were the best that I have ever seen; from the truly beautiful yet ice cold scary White Witches, to the skilfully designed mane upon Aslan’s (Harry Lovibond, Upper Sixth, Queen Anne) head. The play’s wonderful and intricately designed set enabled it to be manipulated into many different scenes. The lighting and sound team worked in tandem to create striking visual effects, and not enough praise can be given to the Cokethorpe band who played some amazing music throughout the play.

This Lent Term has seen a musical event that will not be forgotten for a long time; it has really set the bar high for next year and for the Summer Shakespeare next term. I would like to thank everyone who participated in the play, and to the staff that gave up countless lunch breaks and Saturdays to get everything to the high standard that we enjoyed, and also to say thank you to the hundreds of people who packed out The Shed over the three days the play ran.’


Laurence Lodge (Lower Sixth, Vanbrugh)









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