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So, How Should I Sleep?

'Mr Foster came to Cokethorpe to give an Enlightenment Lecture to the Lower Sixth about the topic of sleep. As a biologist, he talked us through the science of one of our favourite activities, stating that a staggering 36% of our lives are spent in the subconscious. He revealed the importance of getting enough sleep, explaining the rather worrying statistic that if we are sleep deprived, our mental capacity is lowered to that of when we are legally drunk. With many learner drivers in the year group, this made us realise just how important it is that we are getting enough sleep.

In addition to this, we were shown the result of an MRI scan that recorded the learning capability of someone who had enough sleep against another who was sleep deprived. The difference was astounding, and with our exams on the horizon, this was particularly poignant.

This was an excellently delivered, entertaining and deeply relevant talk to students like myself facing exams soon.'

Heidi Lawson (Lower Sixth, Gascoigne) 


'I was delighted to be invited to speak to the Sixth Form at Cokethorpe, and I was not disappointed by my experience! The beauty and the quality of the facilities at the School were obvious, but of course the greatest asset of any school are its pupils, and I was greatly impressed. During my presentation I was struck by how attentive the students were and of the quality of the questions both after the formal presentation and subsequently during our more relaxed discussions. My only regret was that I had not allowed more time to chat about the research! Lunch with the teachers was also a most enjoyable experience, with serious discussion punctuated by quite a bit of laughter! I also learnt more about the terrific programme of Enlightenment Lectures, something the School can be genuinely proud to have established. I was honoured to be a contributor.'

Professor Russell Foster, Director, Sleep and Circadian Neuroscience Institute 





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