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Junior School Arts Week

Arts Week was the focus in the Junior School last week, with lots of art, music, poetry and dance being exhibited for pupils, staff and parents to watch. 

The Junior Orchestra, conducted by Doctor Thackrey, accompanied the Junior School during lunch on Monday 9 March. Two pieces were performed with great exuberance from the dining room Minstrel’s Gallery, Cokethorpe Blues and O when the Saints.

The first of the week’s concerts to be performed in the Corinthian Room took place on Tuesday 10 March to a highly receptive audience of pupils from Years 3-6 and many parents of the performers. The concert was a combination of solo singers and woodwind pieces by Mr Dallosso’s and Mr Adlington’s pupils. It was wonderful to see such a wide variety of musical styles and, for some, it was their first experience of performing in a formal concert setting. Everyone enjoyed the afternoon and the standard was extremely high.

Mrs Adiri’s violinists from Years 3, 4 and 5, presented a String concert on Wednesday 11 March. Children played in pairs displaying great confidence. The audience of Reception to Year 4 were also treated to a beautiful solo from Senior School pupil Lizzie Allen (Fifth Form, Vanbrugh). After the performances, everyone enjoyed guessing the mystery pieces of music by the composer John Williams, all played on the violin by the talented Mrs Adiri!

Arts Week is a good opportunity to present workshop demonstrations for interested pupils to experience different lunchtime clubs. The Junior Band and Samba Band held open workshops for children to take part, a lot of fun was subsequently had by all!

One of the most popular Music events is the Lower Junior Choir singing competition. This was held in the beautiful Corinthian Room on Thursday 12 March for pupils from Reception Class to Year 3. This year, over twenty singers entertained the audience and Mrs Lord, with her group of Year 6 assistants, had some very difficult judging decisions to make. The standard was high and all performers sang their songs from memory. Prizes and certificates were awarded to the following pupils:

4th Merryn Tattersall (Reception, Baker) and Maggie West (Reception, Gwyn)

3rd Wilbur Sawyer (Year 2, Lockwood)

2nd Nancy Beer (Year 2, Baker)

1st Abigail Shaw (Year 1, Baker)

The Evening of the Arts on Wednesday 11 March began with an Art Exhibition in the Front Hall of the Mansion. Parents enjoyed wine and canapés while admiring the Art Installation and children’s work, all based upon Gustav Klimt’s work, The Tree of Life.

The ever exuberant Samba Band resplendent in headdresses then led parents up to The Shed. What followed was a spectacular performance of poetry, music, ballet, modern dance, French poetry and plays from Junior School children. The audience was also treated to an array of excellent musical items from the Junior Orchestra, Junior Band, Chamber Choir and a number of outstanding individual soloists.

The poetry declamation from the class winners was of an exceptionally high standard, and very much appreciated by the audience.

The evening concluded with a rousing Finale consisting of all the performers, joining together to sing the evocative I’m Still Singing.









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