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Physics IS for Girls

During the Physics IS for Girls AOB, First and Second Form pupils have been investigating the material properties of different sweets. 

The food industry is a major employer of physicists with physics being involved at all stages of product development, manufacturing, testing and packaging. This activity was a fun introduction to more quantitative work on materials which the group will be looking at this half term.

The group discussed the importance of the precise use of words in physics and learnt a whole host of new words and their precise meanings that help us understand what materials are like. Ductile, hard, stiff, elastic, malleable, brittle were just a few used as they 'tested' their materials, eating their way through chocolate, marshmallows, strawberry laces, love hearts and many more!

In further sessions pupils made bracelets from UV beads and made batteries and lighting from potatoes and lemons.  









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