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Conflict:Time: Photography

As initial inspiration for the current exam unit, the A and AS Level Photography students visited the amazing Conflict:Time:Photography exhibition at the Tate Modern.

The exhibition divided images of sites from around the world that have been the scenes of conflict; into groups according to the time that they had been taken after the event, e.g. seconds after, hours after, days after, months after, years after, decades after.

It was fascinating to see the variety of not only the photography, but also the different ways that the work was displayed. We then walked along the Southbank where there was the opportunity to take photographs and have lunch. At the National Portrait gallery we visited the Grayson Perry 'Who are you?' show. Grayson’s work was intermixed with the permanent exhibits, which gave a poignant aspect to his work, which contemplated the idea of identity in modern English society.

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