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Inter-House Drama

The annual Inter-House Drama competition on Friday 13 February was another closely fought affair with Houses competing in two categories – monologue and ensemble. The ensemble presentations were original creations devised by the pupils themselves based on the stimulus Superheroes and Villains. 

The judges this year were Lucy Askew and Charlie Morley from Creation Theatre, actor Henry Douthwaite and actor, singer/songwriter Toby Pugh (OC 2010, Harcourt). Mr Farrow was the compere for the afternoon and there was entertainment from Mr Mullins and The Cokethorpe Jazz Band, Eilish Malliagh (Lower Sixth, Feilden) and Thomas Christensen (Lower Sixth, Swift).

Details below include some of the judge’s comments.


Kathryn Norris (Upper Sixth, Vanbrugh) – Miss Trunchbull from Matilda

‘Great audience awareness’, ‘Powerful’, ‘Commanding’, ‘Great timing’. 

Anna Wallace (Third Form, Swift) – Verruca Salt from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

‘Confident movement’, Strong projection’ ‘Funny’ ‘Strong characterisation’

Arthur Blake (Fifth Form, Gascoigne) – The Invisible Man from the novel by H.G.Wells

‘Good storytelling’, ‘Good understanding of character and lines’, ‘Well rehearsed’. 

Abbey Malin (Second Form, Feilden) - Miss Trunchbull from Matilda

‘Pulled in the audience throughout’, ‘Great variety’, ‘Fantastic characterisation’.

Ella Mattinson (Second Form, Harcourt) Cruella De Vil from 101 Dalmatians

‘Very clear delivery’, ‘Complete commitment to character’, ‘Great projection’.

Ardan Devine (Queen Anne) – Tommy from Between Good and Evil

‘Superb’, ‘Compelling’, ‘Completely engaging’, ‘Outstanding physical and vocal control’.

Feilden: The League of Unextraordinary Gentlemen

‘Brilliant script’, ‘Some outstanding physical comedy’, ‘Jack Harding (First Form, Feilden) is a genius’, ‘Extremely entertaining’, ‘Dickie Turner (Fifth Form, Feilden) is hilarious’, ‘Great story’. 

Queen Anne: Superheroes Anonymous

‘Matthew Roche (Fifth Form, Queen Anne) – fantastic’, ‘Faultless timing and characterisation’, ‘Great dynamics’, ‘Well choreographed scene changes’. 

Swift: Help for Superheroes

‘Great use of placards’, ‘I really enjoyed the live piano accompaniment’, ‘A very good concept’.

Harcourt: The Mirrors of Yesterday

‘Clever concept’, 'A well written script with a lovely message at the end’, ‘Very imaginative use of the stimulus’, ‘Some engaging superheroes’.

Vanbrugh: The Revenge of Luck Man and Odds Boy

‘Very entertaining’, ‘Loved Dan Pye (Upper Sixth, Vanbrugh)’, ‘Good use of multi-rolling’, ‘Some great vocal clarity’.

Gascoigne: That’s Nice

‘Great timing’, 'Arthur Blake (Fifth Form, Gascoigne) was brilliant’, ‘Engaging from start to finish’, 'Aidan King – very funny’, ‘Mature comic understanding’, ‘Silence man – such a great gag’, ‘Great pace’.

Unsung heroes: Anna de Buriatte Moglia (Fourth Form, Harcourt), Louisa Mattinson (Fourth Form, Harcourt) – script writers/directors/performers. Ella Mattinson (Second Form, Harcourt) – performer. Abbey Malin (Second Form, Feilden) – performer. Ella Dalton (Second Form, Swift) – performer. Alex Cooper (Fourth Form, Gascoigne) – performer.

Special mentions: Jack Harding (First Form, Feilden), Dickie Turner (Fifth Form, Feilden), Jason Wong (Upper Sixth, Gascoigne), Arthur Blake (Fifth Form, Gascoigne) and Ardan Devine (Fifth Form, Queen Anne).

Cup for the most outstanding contribution – Sebastian Fisher (Upper Sixth, Feilden) scriptwriter 

Cup for the overall House winners – Queen Anne

Monologue + Ensemble = overall score

Harcourt 19 + 33 = 52
Vanbrugh 23 + 33 = 56
Swift 21 + 38 = 59
Gascoigne 20 + 42 = 62
Feilden 25 + 41 = 66
Queen Anne 27 + 40 = 67










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