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Why...Bother with Music?

'On Tuesday 10 February, the Sixth Form were fortunate enough to welcome back Ben Heaney as he gave an Enlightenment Lecture on Why should I...bother with music? Why it needs you, and why you actually need it.

During the lecture Ben presented us with clips of different experimental music informing us as to how the music had made political statements and even caused murders. This opened our eyes as we discovered that music could be used as powerful and meaningful messages in today’s modern societies such as God save the Queen by the Sex Pistols.

Ben also talked about his experiences meeting world renowned artists, performing, and further developing his increasing passion for the electric violin. Last year Ben was awarded the Champion of the Electric Violin in America. He continues to strive in this area with his company, Delta Violin and we look forward to hearing more from him in the future.' 

Oliver Parker (Upper Sixth, Feilden) 

'Thank you for allowing me to give the Enlightenment Lecture yesterday. It really was quite a challenging talk to prepare for! I have not had such a good excuse to dwell on some of the most philosophical aspects of the subject in a very long time. The planning took me deep in to the question of why I bother with music, but not before I confronted reasons why maybe I might not.

It was wonderful to see so many students, many of whom I remember teaching throughout the Senior School and some I think even from Junior School. I found their attentiveness throughout exemplary and even when presented with some of the most difficult aspects of music, they embraced the topic maturely and with open-minds. The Enlightenment Lectures really are a fabulous opportunity for students, I really do feel very honoured to be included in your growing and inspiring list of Lecturers.'

Ben Heaney, Violinist, Vocalist and Composer 


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