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Junior School Weekly Highlights

There has been a huge variety of activities and lessons in the Junior School this week, which has been a fantastic end to the first half of the Lent Term.

The Cokethorpe Junior School Cross Country Squad took part in an Inter-Schools competition at Chandlings on Monday 9 February. There were 22 schools competing with over 600 competitors across four age groups. Congratulations to all of our runners, and a special mention to Ben Orton (Year 5, Lockwood) who achieved fourth place in his U10 race and Jossy Brown (Year 6, Symonds) who also had the same result in her girls U11 race. All races had approximately 100 competitors so a fantastic achievement for both. Jossy’s run helped the U11 Girls team of Hester Beer (Year 6, Lockwood), Isabella Smith (Year 6, Symonds) and Edith Wannell (Year 6, Gwyn) achieve a third overall in their age group.

Following on from their ice experiments last week where Year 2 were testing which materials helped melt ice, this week they were investigating which material helped stop their ice from melting. They used materials such as fur, bubble wrap and newspaper to wrap around their Ice Trolls!

In K’Nex club this week they have been building some impressive structures. They have been piecing together cogs to allow for them to turn with the aid of wind power.

Year 3 children have been learning all about ‘food and bodies’ in their Science lessons. This week they drew a huge skeleton to learn about all the different bones we have in our body. Check out the video below to have a look.

The whole of Junior School wrapped up warm and stepped outside to participate in one of the biggest fundraising events of the year, the Sponsored Walk. Click here to read more and to view some photographs.

The author Karen Barlow visited Year 6 children this week. Karen has published a book which is set in Victorian Times. She sat and read to the interested class and was swamped with questions at the end.

To finish off the week and to say a final farewell to the chicks, all of the Junior School attended assembly in the Corinthian Room. This was a fantastic chance for Year 5 and 6 children to show the rest of the Junior School a PowerPoint presentation about how the chicks will develop in weeks to come. It also enabled children from each class to show the work that they had done about the chicks over the past few weeks. There were poems, scale drawings, stories and pictures about the chicks and in celebration even the hymn selection was chick themed with Spring Chicken.








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