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I Would Walk 500 Miles

The Junior School Link-Up Walk took place yesterday on a cold but dry afternoon.

Mrs Cook started the walk and off they went with smiles and cheer. The Cross Country Club saw this as an excellent training opportunity and headed to the front of the pack to run the course. All of the children from the Reception Class up to Year 6 embraced the challenge. It was great fun and everyone joined in with the spirit of the occasion, wearing their colourful hats and clutching their sticker cards!

The route followed a circuit of three kilometres, with each child collecting a sticker at the half-kilometre checkpoints. 1760 stickers were awarded and a total of 880km was covered, this is the equivalent distance of walking from Witney to Frankfurt! This surpassed last year’s total of 753km. Thank you to all walkers, their sponsors and to the staff that helped with the checkpoints.

This year the money raised will be presented to Volunteer Link-Up. The core work of the charity is that of a Good Neighbour Scheme, where volunteers support vulnerable elderly and disabled people to enable them to live independently. This involves help such as providing transport, befriending isolated people and doing small jobs such as mowing their lawn; as well as simple things like changing lightbulbs or smoke detector batteries. The children have learnt about this charity in their Friday assemblies.









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