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Chicken in a Basket!

The arrival of the chicks last week has caused a buzz in the Junior School. All nine chicks have now hatched and are able to be held by the children.

In preparation, Year 4 children have been learning all about chicks and their life cycle. Today, they were able to handle the chicks for the first time. The children loved having them in the classroom and were all very excited to hold and feed the chicks. 

Over the last couple of weeks the children have been covering the topic of chicks and life cycles across a number of subjects. In Maths they have been cracking codes and doing scale drawing of chicks. In Literacy and for Early Work some of the children have been writing poems about the chicks and their life cycles. 

The children were also keen to bring next half term’s Design and Technology project forward to tie in with the chicks’ visit, when they realised the possible photo opportunities – the chance of having chicks in their baskets!

The chicks have stimulated a real excitement across the School. It has been a really wonderful and practical learning experience for the children.








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