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Social Life as it Happens

'The Sixth Form were lucky enough to receive a lecture from Professor Elizabeth Stokoe of Loughborough University, on her subject of expertise, psycholinguistics, and more specifically, conversation analysis. 

Though we all take part in several conversations in an average day, we rarely take the time to really consider what it is we're saying and how we are saying it.

We were shown different samples of real casual conversations and taught the impact syntax variation can have. The effect of tone and phrasings choice from casual context speech was also explored. 

Dr Stokoe explained how conversation analysis can be applied in commercial context, such as customer service, where the way in which something is phrased affects the way we the customer might react to it – and ultimately, whether we part with our money, time, or personal data.

It was extremely interesting to see the true complexity of a medium of communication that we all use and perhaps take for granted. I am sure that in the future we will all be minding our own words more carefully.'

Aidan King (Upper Sixth, Gascoigne)

'It was a pleasure to visit Cokethorpe and meet such keenly engaged and articulate students. What a fantastic environment for gaining an understanding of how research works in the real world - I sensed that there were budding linguistics and conversation analysts in the room!'

Elizabeth Stokoe (Professor of Social Interaction)




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