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Junior School Weekly Highlights

As always it has been a busy, fun and exciting week in the Junior School.

On Monday morning the Junior School had a very special delivery of ten warm fertilised chick eggs that were only two days away from hatching. Please click here to read more exciting news about the chicks and to see some very cute photographs and an extraordinary video of the first hatching.

The Reception Class have been in the Junior School kitchen making some delicious gingerbread men. They were rolling and cutting the dough themselves and the end result were some tasty gingerbread men they could take home for their families!

Year 2 children brought the snowy weather into the classroom earlier this week, experimenting with ice. Continue reading about this fantastic experiment here.

Year 3 have been learning about and designing their own surveys in their Maths lessons. They have also been celebrating National Reading Week, to find out how click here.

In celebration of the arrival of the chicks, Year 4 have been designing and creating their own chick baskets. Some of the children created a plaited handle whilst others decorated their baskets with cut-outs of the chicks they had seen hatch earlier this week.

Year 6 have had the challenging task of translating the Latin language and learning about Roman history. 

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