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On Monday morning the Junior School had a very special delivery of ten warm fertilised chick eggs that were only two days away from hatching.

The eggs were placed inside an incubator in a classroom at the top of the Mansion House. The children have had the opportunity to go in and look at the eggs; they saw the eggs rock, then they saw holes and cracks appear in the shells and could even hear them cheeping from inside. Some of the children were lucky enough to see the chicks hatch out of their eggs. 

Below is a time lapse video taken of one of the eggs hatching.

Once the chicks have hatched they stay in the incubator until they are fluffy and bright eyed, then they are moved to the brooder.  The chicks have created a buzz of excitement around the Junior School! The children will be able to start handling them next week so look out for some photographs.

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