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It's A Bug's Life For Year 4

Lizzie O’Driscoll joined class 4MM in the Junior School this week. The Cokethorpe children were delighted to host their visitor and made her feel very welcome.

Lizzie lives on the Gold Coast in Australia, her father is a barrister and she is learning Mandarin at school. Lizzie joined in enthusiastically with the whole curriculum and even participated in a netball match where she helped Cokethorpe beat Kitebrook School with a score of 15 – 9!

Lizzie presented the Junior School with an Insect Hotel as a thank you to the staff and children. Our pupils will enjoy watching the insects using their new home and it will be positioned in the natural area of the adventure playground. Email addresses have been swapped and we now look forward to having a contact in Australia as well as our contact teacher, Mrs Spiers in New Zealand. 

We wish Lizzie and her family a safe journey on their travels as they conclude their visit to Europe and return to much warmer climes!

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