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All Through the House

This year’s Senior School Drama production was another runaway success featuring a host of bizarre characters and hilarious situations all portrayed with great professionalism by pupils from every year group.  

The plot revolves around William Garrett (Thomas Amor, Upper Sixth, Queen Anne) and how his enjoyment of Christmas is thwarted by the entire town. It begins with the constant interruptions during his sacred poker game - which goes under the guise of The Shakespeare Study Club. First his hyper-active daughter Nora (Lizzie Allen, Fifth Form, Vanbrugh) uses emotional bribery to con her father into buying her a very expensive dress, then the eccentric Reverend Fowler (Harry Norton-Shaw, Upper Sixth, Vanbrugh) and his alarming organist Mr Roper (Laurence Scott, Fifth Form, Swift) break the news that his mother-in-law (Isadora Kléne, Lower Sixth, Feilden) has donated William’s funds for the purchase of a church bell in her honour. A band of scouts arrive to fleece more funds from William and his friends, as do the Saint Willamina’s Girls’ School for their forthcoming llama polo tour. 

More strange visitors arrive including the local amateur dramatic society who present an alternative interpretative dance version of the nativity, PEKU (Preservation of English Kitchens United) and the cat worshippers Catalix led in to the house by the strange crochet expert Lysander (Alex Cooper, Fourth Form, Gascoigne). Meanwhile, William’s closest friend, Nick Lawson (Ardan Devine, Fifth Form, Queen Anne) is being pursued by the police from Coventry for shooting a conman who bankrupted his family many years ago.


There were several sub-plots in this festive comedy which were expertly played by the entire cast and there were far too many brilliant performances to mention all by name. Suffice to say that this was another excellent, laugh out loud production which was thoroughly enjoyed by all who supported it.

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