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Lower Junior Choir Performance

On Thursday 16 October the Lower Junior Choir, comprised of children from Year 1 to Year 3 with a scattering of several Reception pupils, delighted a packed Corinthian Room of parents, with an exuberant performance of Harvest songs.

Two excellent mini musicals were performed with charming costumes provided by Mrs Mace. The Little Red Hen with acting from Year 2 and The Gingerbread Man with acting from Year 3.

The hard working hen, Amelia Atkinson (Year 2, Symonds) lived on a farm. When she found a sack of seeds, she asked her friends the dog, Rebecca Williams (Year 2, Gwyn) the cat, Molly Ferrier (Year 2, Baker) and the duck Amelia Furlong-Price (Year 2, Lockwood) to help her plant the seeds, then harvest the crop and then finally make bread, but sadly they were all too lazy! In the end she did let them share the bread, but they all learned an important lesson. Narration was provided by Nancy Beer (Year 2, Baker) and Grace Clear (Year 2, Lockwood).

A little old woman, Abigail Donald (Year 3, Gwyn) made a gingerbread man, Eddie Hawes (Year 3, Symonds) assisted by her husband, Sebastian Tattersall (Year 3, Symonds). As it baked, they were amazed to hear a tiny voice and on opening the oven, a gingerbread man who proceeded to run away! He was chased by a cow, Monty Bolton (Year 3, Lockwood) and a horse, Jonathan Li (Year 3, Lockwood) until finally a cunning fox, Charlotte Sales (Year 3, Symonds), persuaded him to jump onto her tail, so she could eat him up! Narration was provided by Lily Charles (Year 3, Gwyn) and Skye McKinnon (Year 3, Baker).

The audience thoroughly enjoyed the performance. All the children sang with actions and danced to the very catchy songs having memorised the words. Everyone agreed that the quality of the singing was of a high standard for such a young age group.








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