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Harvest Cantata Has Audience Rocking

On Wednesday 15 October 2014, the Junior School Chamber Choir performed their annual Harvest Cantata to parents in the Corinthian Room.

The children from Year 4 to Year 6 sang with huge enthusiasm throughout. This year every member of the choir had a special ‘Harvest’ costume provided by Mrs Mace, as well as lines to say.

After the rousing opening song, You are Lord of the Harvest, Year 4 took us to a Harvest Samba. This was sung in two parts with additional percussion adding to the mood. Next, some scientists encouraged the audience to eat healthily, reinforced by the song, The Healthy Habanera complete with an amusing tango.

The 'Singing Vegetables', in their wonderful vegetable fascinators and wigs, had come straight from the field to perform at Cokethorpe and almost stole the show with their upbeat and infuriatingly catchy song. Solos were performed by Tabby Howard (Year 5, Symonds), Freya Sweeney (Year 5 Symonds), Ella-Mae Leach (Year 5, Baker), Heidi Green (Year 6, Gwyn) and Maddie Abbs-Woodd (Year 5, Lockwood).

Next the Choir performed one of their most popular (and most frequently requested) songs, In the Bin after some thoughtful refuse collectors pondered the reasons why we throw away so much food waste.

A change of mood heralded the arrival of Year 4, dressed as children from the Third World. Their performance of Harvest of Love was a particular highlight with Dee Biles (Year 4, Baker), Freddie Murfitt (Year 4, Symonds), Olivia Freeston (Year 4, Syymonds) and Lily Oxby (Year 4, Lockwood) all performing poignant solos.

Harvest for the World was a great addition to the Cantata this year, combining celebration with a call for action, suggested by some aid workers from Year 6. The Choir gave a very convincing performance.

After a thank you and prayer, the parents were treated to a fitting finale, Harvest Rock and Roll! Here, the whole Choir not only sang with enthusiasm, but performed a special dance including a hand jive, whilst Szofia Homoki (Year 6, Symonds) and Tabby Howard (Year 5, Symonds) performed a rock and roll dance.








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