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Sixth Form Enlightenment Lecture

'Why bother with God when you’ve got an iPad? Or an iPhone 6+? Or a holiday in Florida set up with friends? Or when there is poverty? Injustice? Evil?

It is a brave person who tries to answer these questions at all, let alone to 130 Sixth Formers. It requires humour, chutzpah and a good dose of Theological rigour. Bishop John Pritchard of Oxford accepted the challenge. He presented us with life’s ‘big questions’. He succeeded in making his audience engage with concepts like charity, the divine, forgiveness and curiosity. Never patronising, and always keen to answer questions, Bishop John may not have given all of us the answers posed by the lecture’s title God: why bother? But he did make us think beyond the immediate world we all face of deadlines, exams holidays or moving house – which is surely the point of the Enlightenment Lectures.'

Iago Elkin-Jones

'On Tuesday 7 October as part of the Sixth Form’s Enlightenment Lecture Series it was my pleasure to introduce as our guest speaker the Rt Rev’d John Pritchard, Bishop of Oxford. He spoke on the subject 'Why bother with God'. It was well received by his audience and initiated some in-depth discussions between the students, and some challenging questions. I’m sure everyone left with much to think about, whatever their views. This was one of the Bishop’s final engagements before he retires at the end of the month – we wish him well, and are grateful for his visit.'

Canon Roger Humphreys (former Chaplain at Cokethorpe)

'I was very impressed with what I saw of Cokethorpe. The young people were engaged and responsive and the staff very much on the ball. I'm sure parents are very satisfied with the quality of teaching and learning, and the burgeoning confidence of the School.'

Rt Revd John Pritchard

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