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Junior School Languages Day

On Monday 29 September the Junior School celebrated their Day of Languages.

Each class welcomed a visitor who taught them a little bit of a new language and told them all about the country where that language is spoken. There was a really wide range of languages being explored this year, including: German, Japanese, Spanish, Afrikaans, Russian, Turkish, Maori, Ki-Swahili, Italian and French. The Junior School would like to thank the parents and Senior School staff who gave up their time to be the special teachers.

The children also did some follow-up work on their country and a fun quiz where they identified the flags and extracts of music from the range of countries as well as how to say ‘hello’ in each language. At the end of the afternoon all the classes got together for a special assembly to show each other what they had been doing. They enjoyed songs and mini-conversations as well as an expert demonstration of the Haka from New Zealand by one of the Year 3 classes. Plenty of children could be heard greeting their parents in a new language at the end of the day and there was a real atmosphere of excitement through the Junior School.

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