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Junior School Prize Giving Performance

The sun shone on the resplendent Mansion Lawn providing the most glorious setting for Junior School Prize Giving, which took place in the marquee on Thursday 10 July.

As is traditional, the day began with drama productions from each class, in which every child had a speaking role as well as a splendid costume created by Mrs Mace. A number of performances were linked to curriculum areas studied throughout the year and many parents commented on both the quality of the drama on offer as well as the pupils’ enthusiasm throughout.

After a beautiful solo performance of Greensleeves from Matilda Hurford-Jones (Year 5, Baker) with harpsichord accompaniment from Music Cup winner Benjamin Shaw, (Year 6, Symonds) the entertainment began in Tudor costume depicting the life of William Shakespeare. The ‘Bard’, amusingly portrayed by Thomas Orton (Year 5, Gwyn) appeared with his sidekick ‘Puck’, Marni Cox (Year 5, Lockwood) who mistakenly gave the class the plague instead of love potion.

The first of three performances of Shakespeare’s Macbeth followed, and after an atmospheric Witches Dance, 6ND took to the stage. After some impressive battle scenes it was Drama cup winner Jack Harding (Year 6, Symonds) who stood out as Macbeth with the most mesmerising speech from the original play. Elizabeth Flaherty (Year 6, Symonds) as Lady Macbeth demonstrated passion and anger.

Year 3 had the task of creating six Viking God Saga stories. Highlights include Thor and the Giants which caused much amusement when Joseph Curry (Year 3, Symonds) and Charles Kertons (Year 3, Lockwood) voices were changed into those of the booming Giant Skrymnir via a surprising sound effect. The song Birds of the North demonstrated the talented singing voices of Kye Carrington, (Year 3, Lockwood) Freddie Murfitt (Year 3, Symonds) and Lily Oxby (Year 3, Lockwood).

Next the audience were in for a treat as the Reception class processed around the stage dressed in ladybird costumes complete with glasses and backpacks and beautiful poppy dresses for the girls, to deliver the opening to the Pre-Prep Performance of Red Riding Hood. After a delightful poem from the class and wonderful solo by Kiara Kaltschmidt (Reception, Lockwood), it was the Year 1 children’s turn to perform. Highlights here included the Wolfie Blues sung by Jack Turner (Year 1, Baker), acting by Nancy Beer (Year 1, Baker) as Mrs Midgely and Molly Ferrier, (Year 1, Baker) who made the most charming Red Riding Hood. Year 2 continued the traditional tale in accomplished style dressed as Animals and Fairies from the wood. Monty Bolton (Year 2, Lockwood) and Charlotte Sales (Year 2, Symonds) entertained as the Wolf and Red Riding Hood.

The Junior School Chamber Choir sang When I Grow Up from Matilda the Musical to great applause. Solos were contributed by Rosa Birchenough (Year 6, Gwyn), Isabelle Carnell, (Year 6, Gwyn) Grace Ettinger, (Year 6, Lockwood) Annabel Page, (Year 6, Baker) Jonathan Peach (Year 5, Symonds) and Olivia Stacey (Year 6, Gwyn). The Choir sang beautifully in three parts and the talented Year 6 will be sorely missed next term.

Macbeth Part 2 was performed by 6ZH and after a confident and amusing opening from three servants played by Isabel Buckingham (Year 6, Lockwood), Grace Ettinger (Year 6, Lockwood) and Benjamin Shaw (Year 6, Symonds), it was Fletcher Sharp (Year 6, Gwyn) who stood out with his sinister portrayal of Macbeth as he captured the audience’s imagination.

Year 4 performed their historical presentation, this time on Roman Britain. Elliot Beale (Year4, Lockwood) stood out as the dominating General along with Ella-Mae’s Leach’s (Year 4, Baker) fierce performance as the flame haired leader Boudicca. She also performed a solo to great effect. The audience were also treated to an amusing take on ‘Masterchef’ which included Roman ingredients such as milk fed snails, stuffed dormice and fish sauce!

5BG transformed us once again to Tudor England where explorers sailed the seas. The audience enjoyed the dance routines to more contemporary music but the acting from the whole class was of a particularly high standard. Jenny Allen (Year 5, Symonds) as the confident Ferdinand Magellan, Edith Wannell (Year 5, Gwyn) as Christopher Columbus and Zoe Smith (Year 5, Baker) as Elizabeth I, particularly demonstrated splendid acting ability.

The final Year 6 performance from 6MO began with the ghost of Banquo, George Donald (Year 6, Baker) which provided a most chilling narrative. Chisengo Lukama’s (Year 6, Gwyn) portrayal of Lady Macbeth’s descent into madness and Freddie Gascoynes (Year 6, Lockwood) performance as Macbeth were both excellent. Finally all the Year 6 pupils joined this class on stage and sang a poignant Finale with atmospheric flute accompaniment from Harry Phipps (Year 6, Symonds).

The performance ended with the whole of the Junior school singing Count on Me by Bruno Mars, which brought another Cokethorpe Junior School Prize Giving to a wonderful conclusion.








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