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Year 5 and 6 Bushcraft Expedition

On the Thursday 26 September the whole of Year 5 and 6 spent the day and night camping in Cornbury Park Woods, as part of their outdoor learning programme.

They arrived at 10.00am weighed down with their rucksacks and sleeping bags, and made their way into the woods to their camp. Year 5 were in one camp, split into two tribes, with the Year 6 in a separate camp, split into three tribes. They were looked after by the instructors, who welcomed them with a series of activities in the woods.

Their first major task was to learn how to survive if they were ever stranded in the woods or on a mountain. The children were taught how to make a fire, using a variety of methods. Once they had mastered fire starting they were sent off in their tribes to collect wood and build their own fires in preparation for cooking lunch. Each tribe member was given a whole trout for lunch and a tribe cook was elected to be in charge of cooking the trout over their fire. Once the trout had been seasoned with herbs and lemon it was ready to be served with some delicious Paella and bread rolls.

After lunch the pupils were taken to different parts of the forest and were taught how to build shelters that they would be sleeping in later that night. The Year 6 tribes even had the opportunity to build natural shelters from the materials they could find in the woods.

Following a busy afternoon, it was time for supper. The tribes made their way through the woods looking out for different trees, plants and funghi that could be used to survive or in some cases could be deadly if eaten! After about half a mile they came to a clearing and were greeted by the sight of two pizza ovens burning at 800 degrees Fahrenheit. The children paired up and chose their toppings for their pizza, which was then cooked in one minute!

The children walked back to camp in the dark after a delicious supper , using their torches to guide them. Their camp fires were relit and marshmallows were toasted and eaten with hot chocolate before they went to their shelters for the night.

After a quiet night, apart from the noises of owls and deer, the children woke at 7am to the smell of bacon cooking. Looking exhausted but still enthusiastic they had breakfast, cleared their shelters away and packed ready to return to school.

A great time was had by all!








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