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A-Level Drama Trip: The Secret Agent

A-Level students visited the Warwick Arts Centre to see a touring production of Theatre O’s The Secret Agent.

Whetting our appetites in a fantastic exhibition of surrealist art beforehand, we then entered the dark and dangerous world of Victorian Anarchism, brought to life by evocative expressions of physical theatre. Based on the Joseph Conrad novel and taking their cue from the styles of music hall and early cinema, Theatre O took us on a hilarious and yet gripping journey into the birth of terrorism. With inventive symbolism, intricate lighting and soundscapes and exceptional performances, this was an invaluable experience for any student of Drama.

At one point the audience were invited to participate and a captivated Cokethorpe crowd leapt to their feet; such enthusiasm from our pupils was rewarded by being invited onstage and taking part in the surreal and brilliant spectacle.

This was a thought provoking evening which has already inspired the pupils as they create their own devised examination pieces.








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