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Junior School Harvest Cantata

On Wednesday 16 October 2013 the Junior School Chamber Choir performed their Harvest Cantata to parents in the Corinthian Room. The children had kindly donated Harvest produce from home which included a spectacular Harvest loaf baked by Mrs Barker.

The audience was introduced to a group of children celebrating at the Harvest Fair. One member of the group, Jack, played very confidently by Harrison Phipps (Year 6, Symonds), displayed several greedy tendencies even though his more thoughtful friend, Chloe, played by Chisengo Lukama (Year 6, Gwyn), pointed out that, around the world, less fortunate children were going hungry.

After the opening rousing song, Everybody Come To The Harvest Fair, complete with callers and dancing, a change of mood heralded the arrival of Year 4. Their performance of Can You Hear Me? was a particular highlight with Elliot Beale (Year 4, Lockwood) and Max Hitchens (Year 4, Gwyn) performing their solos well.

The parents were also treated to two humorous songs essential for any Harvest celebration: the Bread Song and the Cheese Song. The Bread Song included dancing, Bakers and Comedians and a group of dancing cheeses performed the infuriatingly catchy Cheese Song, resplendent in yellow!

As the Cantata progresses, Jack begins to realise how lucky he is to have so much, when many other people in the world are not so fortunate. Everyone is amazed when he suggests practical ways in which they can help.

The choir concluded the concert with the poignant Only One World, ably assisted by the solo group of Theresa Goette (Year 5, Lockwood), Harvey Gould (Year 5, Lockwood) and Jonathan Peach (Year 5, Symonds).








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