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Crawford Relay 2013

Following the Inter-House Music Competition on Friday 18 October the whole School came together to watch the highly anticipated annual event, the Crawford Relay.

Two teams are entered from each of the Houses, one team is entered from the Junior School and one team from the members of Staff. As the starting bell chimed three times the race was quick to start, as athletes jostled around to place their house in the best position.

The course entails many different terrains and lots of tight corners, making it difficult to judge who was going to come out on top. It was an nail biting and exciting race, with first place changing all the time.

Spectators, who had positioned themselves around the school, were spurring on the runners with an almighty cheer that could be heard from all around the course, it was a fantastic atmosphere.

It proved to be a very competitive race, spectators and team mates were anxious on the finish line to whom would cross it first, however Harcourt were victorious finishing in First and Third place.

Well done to all the pupils and staff that competed.


  1. Harcourt
  2. Swift
  3. Gascoigne
  4. Feilden
  5. Vanbrugh
  6. Queen Anne








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