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CPA Murder Mystery Evening

On Saturday 19 October, The Shed was beautifully transformed into Chington Floral Village Hall, adorned with floral table cloths, bunting, posters and a village hall notice board.

Due to an unexpected bomb at the BBC studios, the live broadcast of an episode of the popular drama series, The Mystery of the Mummy’s Curse, was being aired from Chington Floral Village Hall. The show, one of the most popular on the radio, was performed before a live audience who were shocked to witness the murder of the outwardly charming, yet ruthless and determined narrator, Sydney Matthews (Ms Bennett) during an air raid black out. Who could have done such a terrible thing? Was it the drunken actress Violet Sitforth (Mrs Hooper) who used to be quite famous and was about to be written out of the script? Perhaps Rodney Foxley (Mr Walwyn), a bit of a “spiv” from the rough end of the town, a good source for black market whiskey, and in love with Lisbeth Matthews (Mrs Ringham) who denied being pregnant?

The evening featured the brilliant Cokethorpe Players: Mrs Hooper, Mrs Ringham, Ms Bennett, Miss Shortland, Mrs Mace, Mr Galvin, Mr Walwyn, Mr Lawson and a brilliant debut performance by Mr Farrow. Mr Galvin provided back stage technical support with lighting and sound. He had a fantastic on stage cameo role as Cecil Hemingway (who was in charge of lighting and sound for the radio show) with brilliant comic timing on the sounds. Special thanks go to Mr Cooper returning as Inspector Foot of the Yard, who brought order to proceedings with questioning. He also had the difficult task of restraining suspects, particularly those who had had one too many glasses of sherry!

The audience was requested to consider all evidence to help solve the 'whodunnit' mystery. Six teams managed to solve who did what, why they did it and how they did it – the offender being Lord Nigel Falconhurst (Mr Lawson).

Huge thanks also go to the following: Mrs Mace (who played the lovely Rose Hemingway) for pulling the event together and for a brilliant set and costumes; the Catering team for providing a delicious curry supper; the Box Office for handling ticket sales, and the Maintenance team for their continued support in setting up and tidying away.

Congratulations and thanks again to all the Cokethorpe Players.








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