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Year 6 Mexicolore Visit

On Monday 21 October Year 6 pupils were transported back in time to the Aztec era!

As they entered the Corinthian Room they were met with thumping Aztec drums and the magnificent sun stone lit up in all its glory. Before long they were chanting Aztec Nuhuatl words in harmony and re-enacting daily life in the Aztec period. The children were adorned in feathered headdresses and traditional Aztec clothing as they were asked to play the roles of important Aztec warriors, musicians, judges and Gods. They even learnt how to play an Aztec ball game.

Isabelle Carnell (Year 6, Gwyn) exclaimed, ‘It’s such a fun way to learn!’

The morning truly brought the Aztec period to life for Year 6 as they were immersed in the customs and traditions of Tenochtitlan!

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