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Author Visit: Celia Rees

I was lucky enough to encounter and listen to the inspirational words of Celia Rees, the writer of many captivating books.

On Tuesday 12 November, Rees talked specifically about a book we have been studying called Witch Child, a book that I have thoroughly enjoyed reading.

She shared her techniques and thoughts with us and grasped our attention by explaining how her process of making scribbles on a page became a bestselling book.

She encouraged us to think big, a single idea like a seed can grow into a towering tree. Not only did she express her secrets of her way to success in writing with us; she also involved us in several activities. One of these activities involved selecting an object from Rees’ special and meaningful items kept in a jar and using these to plan a story line.

Rees taught us how to create compelling novels in just a few lines on a page. We all learnt how Celia Rees turns her ideas into intriguing, page turning tales and how we can include this knowledge in our next writing challenges.

Anna Wallace (Upper First, Swift)

I was very pleased to be invited to visit Cokethorpe for a second time this Autumn. It is always nice to be asked back. It means the first visit must have gone well!

On Tuesday, I met with Year Eight classes, some of whom are studying my novel Witch Child. It is always a pleasure to talk to students who know a book and I hope that I was able to offer some insights unique to the author.

We also had a chance to do some writing together, to unleash everybody’s ‘inner author’ and for me to share some tricks of the trade.

At lunch time, I was given a thorough grilling by a lively group of Year 5 students, who asked about everything from which is my favourite book, to what are my hobbies.

I was happy to share something of my writing life with Cokethorpe staff and students and very much enjoyed my day.

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