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U9 Rugby Tournament Success

The U9 Rugby team continued their unbeaten run this season, with victory at the Abingdon Preparatory School tournament on Thursday 14 November.

Facing strong opposition from Abingdon Prep, Christ Church Cathedral Choir School, Magdalen College School and Chandlings Manor School, the U9s defeated all the opposition to earn maximum points.

The strong winds and low temperature made for a slow start and the early games were littered with frequent errors. As the afternoon progressed, however, the Cokethorpe team continued to improve, culminating in two very physical games against the Abingdon A team and Chandlings. With their exceptional handling and quick distribution the U9s were a very difficult team to defend against and credit is due for their dominance as a unit rather than relying on a few individuals.

The victory in the tournament, as well as their unbeaten run this season, is particularly impressive considering the fact that every single Year 4 boy available plays (including a Year 3 at the tournament), rather than having the luxury of selecting from a larger cohort.

With two matches to play this term, the U9s are now hoping to secure a perfect season.

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