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Martial Arts Charity Fundraiser

‘On Tuesday 19 November, there was a multi-discipline martial arts session at Cokethorpe School to fundraise for The Leukaemia and Lymphoma Trust.

The idea came to me after attending an annual national martial arts training event over the August Bank Holiday weekend. This involved 20 hours of intense training. It was a gruelling weekend but I made a lot of new friends. After the course was over, we were told some news that shocked us all. One of the black belts has leukaemia and had trained through it. He had a bone marrow transplant within two weeks of the course!

The Leukaemia and Lymphoma Trust helped support him financially and provided him with useful advice. Therefore, my sensei (Rachel Ealey, 4th dan in Bujinkai Karate) and I decided to do something to raise money for the charity. I have trained in Judo, Jujitsu and Karate, so it seemed appropriate to have a training session involving multiple disciplines. 

The training session at Cokethorpe started with boxing instructions from Louise Tanner (2nd dan Bujinkai Karate, Boxing Instructor and Kickboxing Instructor). Then my old judo senseis, Jonathan Gerrans and Derek Mailin, taught some basic break falls and throws.

Finally, we ended the session with some basic blocking and countering from Karate. I explained to everyone the importance of thinking beyond your own style and trying to learn from others. The key is improving yourself physically and mentally to help deal with your fears and confrontations.

Kickboxers, Taekwondo students, Judo students and Karate students all took part. Although only fifteen people were in attendance, we raised £220 for charity.

Thanks to everyone for their support!’

Tom Belassie, Maintenance Staff.

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