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Sixth Form Enlightenment Lecture

‘On Tuesday 26 November 2013 the Lower Sixth enjoyed a lecture from Professor Andy Phippen, an expert in Social Responsibility in IT, about the internet and morality. Controversial issues such as censorship and privacy were raised, which lead to an interesting discussion about the growing role that technology plays in our lives, and both the positive and negative effects this could have. The talk was entertaining and thought provoking, giving us all a new perspective about how we use the internet and social media.’

Bethany Mulloy (Lower Sixth, Swift)

‘I was lucky enough to be invited to Cokethorpe School on Tuesday 26 November 2013 to present an Enlightenment Lecture for the Lower Sixth about my work. This is broadly around how young people use technology but more specifically about whether online technology changes our morality. Before the talk I sat waiting to be collected listening to some of the younger children rehearsing their Christmas Carols and receiving a friendly hello from anyone who passed the reception area. I was certainly made to feel very welcome!

The presentation itself explored current political and media positions in this area before encouraging the students to reflect on the behaviour of themselves and their peers and whether being online makes it acceptable. It was great to see the students engaging with these issues and while this is a topic covering many serious issues we approached the discussion in a positive and open manner. I really enjoyed our discussion and I hope the students did too.

Following the presentation I had a very nice lunch with some of the staff where we continued our discussions and talked about how the school is developing a strategy around helping their pupils understand their digital lives and the impacts on their wider social and professional development.

It was a great visit and I hope to return to Cokethorpe again soon.’

Professor Andy Phippen, University of Plymouth

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