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Sixth Form Christmas Dinner

There are two things all Sixth Formers love; good food and fancy dress. Cokethorpe’s recent Christmas dinner, held for Sixth Form and Staff, included both of these elements, with a definite focus on the individuality of the costume!

The night started with Students and Staff entering the Common Room, receiving gasps and laughter from the crowd due to the effort that they had put into their outfits. There was a simply breath-taking variety of costumes; some clearly had days (or weeks!) of thought put in to them, and others that were thrown together ‘last-minute’. Nevertheless they put the entire room of around 200 people, collectively into a great mood which was carried on through the night.

We then descended to the dining room; the food was festive and greatly enjoyed by all. A fun award ceremony following dinner again provoked a lot of laughter.

The end of the night culminated in a sing and shout-off between the tables to the song of The 12 days of Christmas which left most people with ringing ears.

The night was great fun and we look forward to next year’s event.

Laurence Moloney (Lower Sixth, Harcourt)








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