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Friday 20 December

‘Today was our last day and it was certainly the best because we went up to a new part of the mountain range. Even though it was busy and the weather got worse the higher up we went, everyone stayed happy.

Throughout the week spirits were high and temperatures were low. There were some minor injuries, but everyone had fun. The one moment that stuck in my mind was when we dressed up in our Teletubbies, giraffes and banana onesies. Everyone tried hard to improve their skiing and there was a wide range of abilities, each person progressing dramatically. Josie Dennis (Fifth Form, Harcourt) had to wear the wipeout hat which was really funny!

My week was made by the sixth formers who come every year and really know what they are doing. The teachers were lovely, the pupils even better. Mrs Floyd made our week go smoothly, however she couldn't have done it without her colleagues Mr Galvin, Mr Cummins, Miss Shortland and Mr Ryan. I have to say a special thank you to Mr Ryan as this is almost certainly going to be the last time we see him. A great trip overall.’

Jamie Snowdon (Lower First, Queen Anne)

Thursday 19 December

'This morning seemed a lot brighter and we felt more energetic than we had on the previous days; it seems we have finally got used to waking up early! Our skiing is getting better as the beginners improve and our more experienced skiers build on their existing skills. Despite the fact that it has not snowed since Monday, we are still making the most of it and enjoying our trip to the full. We are getting used to the slopes of St Anton but also looking forward to tomorrow's trip to the other mountain.

This morning we were treated to a pleasant surprise at the bus stop by the Lower Sixth as they arrived in their onesies ready to ski! Perhaps the funniest being the Teletubbie congregation consisting of Rem Coppock-Cudd (Lower Sixth, Swift), Ben Armstrong (Lower Sixth, Feilden), John Lane (Lower Sixth, Queen Anne) and Joe McCall (Lower Sixth, Feilden). The first and final wearer of the 'wipeout hat' is due to be worn by Josie Dennis (Fifth Form, Harcourt) thanks to her many escapades.

The group have mixed feelings today as although we are all looking forward to the last day tomorrow, we will be sad to leave. Tonight's activity was Mr Galvins quiz night which was won by Team Rage. Now we are all prepared for a slightly earlier day tomorrow and ready for our final day!'

Sam Bird (Third Form, Harcourt) and Wilf Cartwright (Third Form, Queen Anne)

Wednesday 18 December

'This morning the conditions were quite poor, visibility was limited and the slopes were icy. Throughout the day visibility improved, however the slopes remained icy and hard to ski on. Although climbing up the slopes was tiring, the end result was amazing. As was the extremely nice pizza we had after our ski! Needless to say we are enjoying our time in St Anton.'

Sam Coles (Fourth Form, Swift) and Sam Mumford (Fourth Form, Feilden)

Tuesday 17 December

'Many weary faces could be seen on the ski bus this morning as we began to feel the strain of two days of hard skiing. Despite this we eagerly headed out onto the slopes to enjoy another day's worth of snow and sunshine. Our instructors have said we have made excellent progress, with some of those new to skiing managing to tackle a black run. Josie Dennis (Fifth Form, Harcourt) looks set to wear the infamous 'wipe out hat' tomorrow after failing to remove the protective film from her goggles. She couldn't believe how clearly she could see things after Mrs Floyd removed the plastic!

Our evening activity tonight was swimming, which gave us a great opportunity to refresh our bodies ready for the next few days of skiing.'

Thomas Christensen (Fifth Form, Swift)

Monday 16 December

'Today we woke up to blue skies and sunshine, a great start to our second day on the mountain. To the relief of most we also managed to have a lie in, even if it was only an extra fifteen minutes. Nevertheless everyone was up, dressed had eaten and made it to the bus stop in the nick of time to catch the ski bus, thanks to the teachers' military like organisation. We met the instructors at the top of the gondola and continued to improve upon skills learned on our first day. The top group sped off into the distance with Jason 'the snowplough king' Cardy (Lower Sixth, Feilden) lagging behind, whilst the bottom group continued to get used to an unfamiliar activity.

In the evening we went curling in the middle of St Anton on an outside ice rink. Unlike the previous year, most people managed to resist the urge to throw snowballs due to stiff competition on the ice. Although there were some hair raising falls and slips, and maybe a few bruised bottoms, to the relief of all there were no serious injuries.

Then it was time for bed ready for a new day!'

Toby Cole (Lower Sixth, Vanbrugh) and Toby Watts-Lay (Lower Sixth, Swift)

'Today's skiing was blessed with blue skies and dazzling slopes as we basked in some Austrian sunshine. Our British weather seems like a distant memory...

Kitted up, and with ski passes stowed in jackets we headed for the bus which took us away from Frilsch into St Anton. After meeting the instructors our groups began their first day on the slopes, with 340 km of piste in the Arlberg region there is some serious skiing to be done! Arlberg is allegedly famous for the 'Golden Moment', a feeling of bliss when the sun is on your face and the piste sprawls below you.

Our pupils finished the day with some free time in St Anton before heading back to the hotel for Schnitzel and chips.'

Miss Shortland 








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