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RAG fundraising event

Pupils at Cokethorpe are very aware that they are in a privileged position. As a consequence of this, giving to those who are less fortunate forms a significant part of our pastoral programme. This year, a committee of pupils from Lower First to Upper Sixth, are working together to organise a week dedicated to charity – known as ‘RAG Week’.

The committee has selected two charities that support young people to make the most of their lives. Funds raised throughout the school year will be donated evenly to each charity, culminating in RAG Week. Helen and Douglas House, a local charity based in Oxford, provides palliative care to young people and their families as they cope with life-shortening conditions. The Rafiki Thabo Foundation works with communities in Kenya, Uganda and Lesotho in order to help children progress through education when funds are not otherwise available.

The RAG launch event which took place on Friday 14 February asked pupils to ‘Snuggle up to Charity’. It included a home clothes day, hot chocolate and cake sale. The cakes were supplied in admirable abundance by the pupils of Upper First. In total, almost £1,000 was raised which was a great achievement. Fundraising continues until RAG Week. Pupils are invited to support the charities by bringing in loose change to deposit in the collection point in the Dining Hall.

RAG Week itself will be taking place during the week beginning 23 June. Each Tutor group will be allocated a fundraising slot during which they will be able to do something to raise money. This could be a sponsored event, a sale of sorts or even a competition. On the Thursday afternoon, the RAG Committee will be organising an event to conclude and celebrate the fundraising activities. 

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