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Sixth Form Enlightenment Lecture

'Dr Whitaker provided our Sixth Formers with a most insightful talk in respect of her work linked to Forensic Entomology, a field of expertise that is limited to only three specialists in this country.

The Natural History Museum has an insectary tucked away where forensic entomologists breed different species of fly in order to help the police solve crimes. Chemical signals, vapours, blow flies and maggots all have a critical time line of activity which is crucial when trying to accurately ascertain a time of death. Dr Whitaker regularly works with the police and explained to our students how, by identifying certain species of fly at any one time around a dead body, can determine the time of death of a corpse. In legal terms this work is of crucial importance.

We certainly had an audience of intrigued students which triggered a host of questions. It is surprising where a Zoology Degree can take you!'

Mrs Jenny Holmes

'I was very pleased to be asked to speak to the Sixth Form about "CSI - Crime Scene Insects". The real life of a forensic entomologist is far from the Gil Grissom glamour of CSI. Much of my work involves odd hours, attention to detail over several months and involves contact with people across almost every discipline. Your large and interested group seemed to be very appreciative of the complexities of the work, were deeply attentive, and their questions were very insightful too. Thank you also for your excellent hospitality.'

Dr Amoret Whitaker

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