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Secrets and Lies

As part of their Exploration of Dramatic Performance unit, the A2 Drama candidates presented an original, devised piece of theatre to a full house in the Shed on 4 March. ‘Secrets and Lies’ was the set stimulus which the ensemble used to create a unique and sometimes hard-hitting production.

Presented by the inmates from Barford Prison who were on day release as part of their rehabilitation programme, the audience were spectators of a play within a play. This clever concept allowed for many comic moments which were carefully juxtaposed with more tragic events. The social, cultural, historical and political issues included the exploration of the Hillsborough tragedy, the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, corruption in the BBC, the treatment of suspected terrorists, phone hacking and the secret experiments carried out by MK Ultra.

This mature and creative production provided plenty of food for thought and demonstrated the student’s high level of ability in Drama.

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