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Lower House Trip To The Oasis Leisure Centre

The vast majority of Lower House pupils came to the Oasis Leisure Centre for an evening of fun on the slides, going down the flumes and riding the waves, this included ten Sixth Form students who generously gave up their time to accompany us.

Lower First Harcourt Pupils gave accounts of their time spent at the Oasis Leisure Centre. James Shaw enjoyed going down the Great White, whilst Laurence Topley loved 'splatting down into the splash pool'. 

Hannah King thought the best bit was going down the steep hydro-slides together with her friends and then being sprayed by the water cannon in the main pool whilst Elliot Stagg and his friends managed to play It here too. 

George Kinniburgh really enjoyed surfing the waves, and Tom Flory and Ella Mattinson both loved the wave machine, with Charlie Clarke spending most of his time on the slides. Paige Rowe said that she really enjoyed the evening and the best part for her was the food!

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