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Upper Sixth Scholarship Project: Teacher Shadowing Project

Upper Sixth Scholars in the Lent term have teamed up with subject teachers to help deliver lessons in the Senior School. The purpose of this exercise was to allow Scholars to take an active role in the delivery of lessons and act as positive academic role models for younger students. Scholars helped deliver lessons for years from Lower First up through Lower Sixth, in a variety of subjects including: Drama, History, Chemistry, Spanish, Geography, Physics, Psychology, Mathematics, English and Music.

In the final Upper Sixth Scholarship Meeting the Scholars shared their experiences. Shared themes from the process included: being challenged by younger students, both in classroom authority and subject knowledge; looking at their learning from a different perspective, compared to how they learned the material; delivering material with the right vocabulary; using creativity to enhance learning; the value of warm-ups in lessons; and the need to enhance subject knowledge for effective delivery. 

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