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Duke of Edinburgh Practice Weekend - Blue Group

On the weekend of the 26 and 27 April, the Blue Group from the Fourth Form braved the drizzly weather to undertake their practice expedition for their Duke of Edinburgh. Shadowed by a member of staff on the first day, all groups walked a loop around the reservoir, and in particular enjoyed the muddy section on the south of the loop. All participants sufficiently impressed the staff, so were allowed to walk on the second day unaccompanied through Wytham Woods. Despite there being some tricky points of navigation on the routes, all the groups did exceptionally well, and moments of being lost were kept to a minimum. This combined with their excellent camp craft, ensured a fantastically successful weekend for the Blue Group. Some may need to rethink their culinary choices before their final expedition, as pancakes seemed a bit of a struggle on the small stove, and others carried around bulky and weighty foods. However, all the staff agreed that this was one of the most impressive combinations of groups to have undertaken DofE in recent years. This was capped off by them all arriving at school on Monday morning, although possibly not as bright eyed and well rested as their peers, who have their practice expeditions in the coming weeks.

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