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Duke of Edinburgh Practice Weekend - Yellow Group

The Yellow group undertook their practice expedition in hot and sunny weather, in contrast to the conditions endured by their peers the week before. With hats and suncream at the ready, they all took on the reservoir route tackling all the challenges with aplomb, including the (still) very muddy path half way around. In the evening, a variety of meals were cooked and a variety of lessons were learned. As many of these Fourth Form pupils cooked for themselves for the first time, they soon realised the importance of reading the instructions on any instant food before purchasing! However, all groups proved themselves capable enough to walk alone on the Sunday and after a mammoth game of Hide and Seek, the groups headed to bed.

After a good night’s sleep and a cooked breakfast, the groups set out for the challenge of the final day. Although some struggled to meet the deadline of their departure time in the morning, all the groups showed excellent pace throughout the day with all getting to the checkpoint and the end in excellent time. In fact, some of the groups were so efficient, Mr Stuart is going to have to plan for them to walk even further on their final expedition! However, all groups passed and returned home happy albeit a little tired. 

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