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Year 5 Science Visit was Out of this World

On Wednesday 7th of May, Year 5 were lucky enough to take a fascinating trip across the Solar System from the comfort of the Corinthian room. During this workshop, they were shown planets, moons, stars and the differences between them. Brian from Science Oxford showed the children an array of fascinating photographs taken by some robot probes on Mars and Venus and floating telescopes in space like the Hubble. They found out about the different orbits of planets and why some even spin the opposite way! Both pupils and teachers enjoyed calculating their ages in Martian years, which made them much younger, and the children were able to hold an Iron Meteorite that was an incredible 4.5 billion years old. Finally, Year 5 enjoyed a practical demonstration of an infra-red camera, which became an x-ray machine much to everyone’s delight. Brian explained how these cameras could be used by space scientists to find possible signs of life in space.

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