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AS Level Drama Examination Performances

The AS Drama and Theatre Studies students presented their monologues and ensemble production on Wednesday 7 May for a live audience and the Edexcel examiner as part of their AS Text in Performance examination.

The monologues took place in the Drama Studio and the students chose differing genre and eras. Tom Amor (Lower Sixth, Queen Anne) gave a confident performance as Bedlam from The Roses of Eyam by Don Taylor. Representing the true incident of the outbreak of bubonic plague in a Derbyshire village, the villagers decide to quarantine themselves from the outside world. Bedlam ‘the mad boy’ delights in his witnessing the burial of many of the villagers and hopes they will grow like flowers.

Aimee Epelle (Lower Sixyth, Queen Anne) gave an emotional portrayal as Tituba from Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, a slave whose only option to save her own life is to confess to witchcraft. The Crucible delves into the Salem Witch hunt and is a parable of mass hysteria, superstition and persecution. 

Kathryn Norris (Lower Sixth, Vanbrugh) presented a comic monologue from Alan Ayckbourn’s A Talk in the Park as Doreen, a dog obsessed divorcee looking for company in the park. Ayckbourn’s play examines human behaviour and looks at loneliness in the modern world. 

The audience then moved to the Shed where the group presented an excellent ensemble piece by Arthur Miller entitled Mr Peter’s Connections. Set in another realm, three characters inhabit the ‘departure lounge’ two already dead and one who doesn’t know he is dying interact and pass the time while they wait for Mr Peters to pass to the other side. This was an atmospheric tragicomedy that was enjoyed by all.

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