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Junior School Drama Performance

The sunshine provided the perfect backdrop for this year's Junior School drama performance, which showcased the talent of all the year groups in drama, music and dance.

The performance was preceded with a short introduction by comperes from each year group, which enabled the whole presentation to run very smoothly. Many parents commented on how they enjoyed this thematic approach as each drama performance was explained.

The pupils performed at their absolute best. Every child had memorised several lines to say and confidently took to the stage and enthralled the audience with expression and humour. After only one rehearsal in the marquee, the focus and concentration (and microphone techniques!) from pupils were faultless.

After an introduction on some of the science experiences undertaken by the Junior School, Year 3 opened the performance by re-enacting that most thrilling of times, the first Moon landing in 1969. This was watched of course on television and the mother, complete with essential hair curlers, was portrayed most confidently by Ella-Mae Leach (Baker). After an enthusiastic reception by TV reporters, Elliot Beale (Lockwood) making an impressive debut here, the astronauts played by Harry Furlong (Symonds) and Jadon Washington (Gwyn) landed successfully in the marquee!

After only two terms, the Year 2 Violin Group proved just how professional they are as well as what a superb sound they have created in such a short time. Thanks to Mrs Adiri for her enthusiasm and commitment with our youngest instrumentalists.

Both Year 5 classes performed two humorous plays in rhyme. 5HL’s play The Elves and the Shoemaker highlighted yet more amazing talent. Jack Harding (Symonds) and Oliva Stacey’s (Gwyn) Mr and Mrs Cobbler, amused the audience with their confidence and clarity and Grace Ettinger (Lockwood) oozed fear into the audience with her commanding portrayal of the terrifying Mr Boot. 5BG, with their ghoulish story of a ghastly and ghostly plot, produced yet more acting of a high calibre, notably Barty Gray (Symonds) and Geneva Hedges (Baker) as Lord and Lady Hardup and Libby Flaherty (Symonds) as Mystic Maureen, a brilliantly eccentric sleuth. Credit must also be given to Rory Morrison (Gwyn) for talking on the role of Thumpen at extremely short notice.

Another musical interlude and the Junior School Chamber Choir performed a warm and enthusiastic three-part harmony of California Dreaming, accompanied on drums by the ever able Hayden Camidge (Year 6, Lockwood), who also played brilliantly throughout (apart from the next performance, the Pre-Prep Wild Wood, where the talented Theo Langford from Year 2 took over the drumsticks!). The Forest School has played a large part in the lives of our Pre-Prep classes this year and both year groups enthralled the audience with music, poetry and wonderful acting. Noah Carrington (Symonds) took over Badger’s role with confident aplomb and Monty Bolton (Lockwood) and Findlay Knox (Baker) as Mole and Ratty produced amusing and convincing portrayals of these characters from the much loved bookThe Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Graham.

The Reception class have recently visited Farmer Gow’s Activity Farm and practically stole the show with their most charming performance of Six Friendly Farmers and Jack went to Market. Nancy Beer’s (Baker) Daisy the Cow and her delightful mooing brought a smile to everyone’s faces.

The Year 4 classes have recently visited the Milestones Museum, dressed in clothes reminiscent of wartime evacuees. They told the story on stage beautifully of life during the war, with all its joys and sorrows. Some poignant solo performances by Tom Orton (Gwyn) and Tilly Hurford-Jones (Baker) were mixed with more amusing portrayals. David Haar (Symonds) as the knowledgeable pipe smoking father and Edith Wannell (Gwyn) as his helpful daughter Susan, both produced acting of note. Finally the audience were treated to a jitterbug dance from Szófia Homoki (Symonds) and Tilly Hurford-Jones, while Grace Ettinger (Lockwood) sang Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy accompanied by much flag waving and celebration from Year 4.

Every year the acting by Year 6 seems to be of a higher standard and this year was no exception. Both classes performed extracts from William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet in tricky traditional language and looked resplendent in Mrs Mace’s outstanding Tudor costumes. Many performances were worthy of note, including Barney Bolton (Symonds) as the stern Lord Capulet, Benjamin Phillipson (Gwyn) as Benvolio and Alexander Wheeler (Gwyn) as Tybalt. Both Juliets, played by Tara Devine (Lockwood) and Frankie Brown (Baker), and Romeos, played by George Kinniburgh (Lockwood) and Dennis Catrini (Baker) were absolutely superb in these roles and engaged their audience during the balcony scene and in their tragic deaths. Hayden Camidge (Lockwood) and Harry Hanson (Gwyn) also impressed with their performances as Friar Lawrence and Count Paris.

Finally, a special mention should go to Oliver Charles (Lockwood) for his brilliantly catchy music composed for the dance scene played most effectively on electric guitar.








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