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Second Form Camp

The Second Form Camp was a fun and exciting, but sometimes exhausting trip. The instructors that we had were really fun and planned loads of interesting activities. The best was probably Bushcraft because we were making our own shelters in groups and then got to make a campfire from the twigs that were lying around. I really enjoyed the groups we were put in because I got to spend time with people I am not normally with. There were some challenges though, like in the Kayaking when we had to swap boats with people while we were still on the river. In our free time we also had a lot of fun being in the tents. Altogether it was a really enjoyable experience.'
Christopher Singleton (Second Form, Queen Anne)

'The Second Form Camp was a great way for us to get ready for September. The activities allowed us to work with different people who we would not have thought to hang out with before. There were loads of activities, but my favourite was probably Kayaking. We had lots of fun racing upstream, but got very wet in the process. I also enjoyed the Orienteering because we wanted to find the clues before everyone else. Even though my partner and I eventually lost, it was still great fun running around the School. The instructors from Reach Outdoors were brilliant and soon became our friends. Everyone enjoyed the two days a lot, even though we were really tired at the end.'
Sofia Ward-Naranjo (Second Form, Queen Anne)

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