Climbing at Cokethorpe develops strength, flexibility and character.

Sport climbing is an excellent form of exercise. Learning to climb develops strength, flexibility and balance, and uses all of the main muscle groups in pursuit of a personal goal. As well as developing their physical capabilities, climbers learn the essential safety and teamwork requirements of the sport, in order to establish the trust and confidence required to push their boundaries in a demanding environment.

Climbers compete against their own preconceptions, exceeding their expectations to improve their abilities and completing increasingly difficult climbs. They also compete against each other during informal climbing competitions. Initially, climbers are taught basic top-rope safety skills and climbing techniques before being coached to improve their techniques and performance. They eventually move on to learn the skills required to lead climb.


Michaelmas, Lent and Summer


Third Form, Fourth Form, Fifth Form, Lower Sixth and Upper Sixth


  • Eight metre climbing tower with multiple top-rope routes of different grades
  • Off-site eight metre indoor climbing and bouldering walls
  • Off-site fourteen and a half metre climbing tower with top-rope and lead routes

Competitions and Tours: 

  • Climbers participate in the National Indoor Climbing Award Scheme (NICAS)

Lead Instructors:

  • Mr Carter
  • Mr Williams